July 29, 2008

Fred Smoot Opens Up And Goes Big

Fred Smoot has always been "the Mouth of the South," so it wasn't a surprise to hear him speak big words on ESPN 980 yesterday.

Smoot raved about the revamped defensive line and how it will help the secondary generate more turnovers. He spoke of DC's need for a parade. He flashed his new Jordan cleats. He praised the new offense Jim Zorn has brought.

Yes sir, Smoot never met a mike he didn't like.

"This city deserves a parade and we are gonna do everything in our power to bring one," he said.

What's going on in the huddle when Jim Zorn stops practice? "The offense is moving to slow," he laughed.

What's the offense like? "It very uptempo, they break the huddle and run for the ball and snap it. They don't wait for the defense."

And how about those cleats? "The Jordan fours," he said. "All I know is that he releases a new shoe every year and I'm gonna buy them."

It's always a pleasure listening to "the Mouth of the South."

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