July 27, 2008

Injuries Continue At Redskins Park

Defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery went down to day with a broken hand and will miss 2-4 weeks. He joins LB Rian Wallace who also broke his hand yesterday.

These injuries have been quite a problem for the Skins throughout training camp and hopefully will not carry over into the regular season.

Fortunately, we have seen some quality depth at linebacker, corner, wideout, and running back so things should be manageable for Jim Zorn if he needs to use reserve players.

Overall, it was quiet at Redskins Park on Sunday as Zorn only had a morning practice. However, there were two new Redskins on the field as the Skins waived O-lineman Kerry Brown and D-lineman JT Mapu, picking up O-lineman Fred Matua and DT Zarnell Fitch.

Really everyone seems ready to start preseason which begins next Sunday against the Colts at 8 pm in the Hall of Fame Game. This will be one of the last chances many of the players will have to impress the coaching staff in a bid to make the team.

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