July 28, 2008

SI's King Continues To Rave About Campbell

Jason Campbell is getting some love from SI's senior NFL writer, Peter King. King praised him during his stop in Redskins Park and then heaped on some more in his Monday Morning QB piece today.

"I think I am smitten with Jason Campbell," he said. "The guy's going to be good. Maybe really good. He's sure of himself, throws a nice, soft spiral downfield -- harder when he has to -- and is more confident and self-assured than anyone learning an eighth offensive system in his last nine years of football has the right to be."

Campbell has to feel good hearing that from such an astute NFL mind. Seeing as he will likely determine the fate of the team, it's good to hear a vote of confidence for him.

The rest of the team has put together the pieces and now it's Campbell's turn to take the next step. Is he ready?

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