July 25, 2008

Zorn Fever

Jim Zorn has been earning high praise as a cool and collected head coach thus far in Redskins training camp. Even with the pressure he's been under in the nation's capital he still rolls with the punches.

Zorn has had to deal with quite a few injuries and yet he still manages to maintain a good sense of humor with the media. More importantly, his demeanor has been embraced by his players and the fans.

Jason Campbell told Peter King that Zorn "has been an excellent teacher." "I think he's going to mold me into a great quarterback and I think he's going to teach the guys here a lot about football."

Zorn has made it clear Campbell is his starter in strong terms and this should only increase Campbell's confidence.

Zorn's new offense seems to be fitting the Skins well. Campbell had a great day according to King while Chris Cooley also praised the offense. "based on our personnel, it's an outstanding offense," he said.

The two tight ends sets of Cooley and Fred Davis will be devastating this year as Campbell loves throwing to TEs and King thinks that Davis "can play in the NFL right now."

Zorn has plenty to work with, but he must make sure he keeps himself focused on the whole offense, not just QB. His work ethic is undoubtedly superior to Steve Spurrier's, but as a first time coach he is entering into a completely different football world. So far he has stayed grounded and he will need to remain that way throughout the year in order to fulfill the potential this team has.

I really see the Skins possessing to many weapons to handle. In the two TE sets no one will be able to match up with both Cooley and Davis. Safeties will be too small while LBs will be too slow. Add the fact that Campbell should improve his connection with WRs and defenses will be hard pressed to stop all the weapons the Skins possess. Even King admitted that the Skins skill players are the best in the NFC East.

Overall, the team really needs to just realize its talent and believe in itself. Last year they failed to believe partly because Joe Gibbs hampered the belief with conservative playcalling. Now they have Zorn who will be giving Campbell more freedom and should organize a better offense than his predecessor, Al Saunders. Now is the time for this offense to get over the hump.

News briefs:
Shawn Springs has been putting in time at safety. I am not a fan of this move as our CBs are weak this year and will need Springs. However as long as he plays primarily at corner, I'm ok with the move. A little safety might safe him some wear and tear.

Malcolm Kelly will miss tomorrow practice with a hamstring injury as will Anthony Mix. These WRs really need to get the hammy issues ironed out before the start of the season.

LaRon Landry also missed Friday's practice with...A sore HAMSTRING!

Defensive lineman JT Mapu sprained a ligament in his knee while undrafted free agent offensive lineman Kerry Brown hurt his shoulder.

Tackle Stephon Heyer is being dubbed the most improved player thus far in camp. That's pretty good for a guy who already played well on the line as an undrafted free agent last year. He will provide great depth along with rookie Chad Rinehart this season.

That's it for now. Tomorrow I will be attending camp and return with a rundown of what I saw. Position analysis is coming soon...

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