August 2, 2008

Big Weekend For The Skins And Their Fans

Hall of Fame weekend is a big event for the NFL. It's even bigger for the Skins this year. They not only play in the Hall of Fame Game tomorrow night against the Colts, they also have two players entering the Hall.

Needless to say, DC will be in an uproar that will only be surpassed by the start of the regular season. This weekend is kind of a big deal to thousands. Darrell Green has been instrumental in changing the fortunes of many men and women in DC courtesy of his charitable organizations. Art Monk quietly set a humble example that spoke volumes to his followers.

Yes sir, these players were winners on and off the field and the city and the whole NFL will have this reaffirmed to them tonight when they take center stage to offer some insight on their inductions into the Hall.

Joe Gibbs will likely be in the crowd while Green's own son, Jared will introduce his dad into the Hall. Green had to admit he's no longer the fastest man in the family. Jared holds that honor and he will be attending college this year to play football.

Burgundy and Gold will run freely this weekend. It will be a lovefest for two the most beloved players in the franchise and I will definitely be taking it all in.

As for the game tomorrow, many of the starters will see either limited or no action so it will be the backups time to shine. I am going to look and see how well the secondary plays with guys like JT Tryon, Stuart Schweigert, and Byron Westbrook. These guys might be needed later in the year should injuries occur and the secondary was the weaker part of the Skins defense last season.

On offense Marcus Mason will be a player to watch. He's had a relatively quiet camp, but he tore through the preseason last year. However, it will be difficult for him to make the final roster because of the depth and RB. In addition, Colt Brennan will get at least a quarter of action, his first since a loss to Georgia in the Sugar Bowl in January. Brennan looked unimpressive to me on fan appreciation day, but this is where his performance really starts to matter.

Anyway, this will be a weekend to remember, so sit back and enjoy. HTTR!

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