August 2, 2008

Hall Of Fame Weekend Brings Tears and Triumph

Darrell Green choked up a few times during his speech, but he had his listeners in tears. To hear him tell his story was enough to make anyone get the shivers. God's providence in his life is clear as he outlined several instances in which the Almighty played a big role in his life.

Green's son Jared gave a stirring introduction to his father, emphasizing that his father is great influence off the field to many children today. However he made an excellent point saying that though his father is a good example, those that look up to him need to act on their own in order to live a good life. He can't live theirs for them.

Darrell Green was all about action. He made sweet moves on and off the field, making a name for himself with the way he played and the way he conducted himself. He didn't just emulate greatness or aspire to be a good person. He went out, and through his actions he became great. He worked to become a better player and a better person. Through prayer, family, and a strong work ethic he molded himself into a role model.

We can use him as a model, but we have to remember he isn't playing our role. It's up to us to ensure we play our own roles. Darrell is simply a figure who keeps us focused on our own role.

Jared was correct in saying we live a world that is darkened by sex and drug abuse. People like Darrell are who we should strive to be like. But to get there we have to work at it just like Darrell did.

Darrell Green is truly an inspiration to many of us. He gave the world twenty years of talent and kindness. Maybe it's time we gave him a little back by embracing what's good in this world. Be it our family, our friends, our religion, our jobs, or our very lives we should look to improve ourselves in God's image. Why not? Darrell did it.

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