August 30, 2008

Jansen Done?

Jon Jansen might not be starting at RT to open the year. Based on his performance, the decision would be understandable.

Jansen has long been a stalwart along the line since being drafted in 1999, but he has appeared to suffer one injury to many his preseason. I like Jansen for his hard work and strength, but football is a business so if he gets benched so be it.

Stephon Heyer proved last year that he is a viable starter and he has only gotten stronger and smarter in the offseason. He was an undrafted FA last year an yet he still held his own against some great players like Strahan and Jason Taylor.

Jim Zorn doesn't seem to care about who starts as long as it's the best player. He pays no heed to the name or the salary so I would expect to see Heyer start based on Jansen's poor performance this preseason.

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