August 6, 2008

New Stadium In The Works For Redskins?

FedEx Field kicked off its existence in 1997 and fans figured they would have this stadium to cherish and create new memories in for years to come. Oh how mistaken they might be.

There has been talk amongst DC politicians and others concerning the Skins moving back into the city itself. In fact, officials have mentioned tearing down old RFK stadium and building a new hi tech facility in its place.

Officials have spoken before with Dan Snyder about making the move and Snyder would most likely consider it for several reasons.

Firstly, FedEx Field is the largest stadium in the country, seating around 95,000 but it will lose that title once the Cowboys open their new 100,000 seat venue. Snyder doesn't like to be outdone especially by Dallas (even though he is almost every year in the standings). The new stadium, if constructed, will hold over 100,000.

In addition, the stadium would have a retractable roof. Snyder has wanted to host a Super Bowl since he became owner. DC is far too cold to host the big game in February so Snyder needs a dome in order to score this honor.

Overall, I have heard not to expect a serious effort for a new stadium for another decade or so, but moving back into the city would make things much more convenient for fans. The subway would get them right to the field; no more drives into the Maryland suburbs. It would feel more like the city's team as well.

I'm all for the idea, but we'll see what materializes as the details become more formulated.

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