August 19, 2008

NFL Tidbits

I am terrified of a rumored trade that would send Anquan Boldin to the Eagles in exchange for Lito Sheppard. It would make the Eagles very scary. Remember last time Donovan had a premiere receiver? I know the Eagles aren't strong at LB or defensive end (aside from Trent Cole), but they could spare Sheppard in order to make their offense a potential top ten machine. Think of it: Westbrook, Curtis, and Boldin. DeSean Jackson seems like a better option in the slot than out wide so McNabb might end up with the best set of receivers he's ever had.

Fortunately, these rumors have been downplayed by and let's hope they just remain rumors.

Carlos Rogers is looking for an increased workload this week against the Panthers according to the Washington Post. "It's going to be a big test," Rogers said yesterday at Redskins Park. "I really didn't get hit on it [against the Jets], so I really don't know the reaction of it after me getting pounded on." Rogers' progression has been astounding and I for one am hoping he can return back to last season's form.

Kyle Orton has won the Bears starting job, meaning Chicago has likely ended the Rex Grossman experiment. Unless Orton plays poorly (a likely possibility).

I really see the Browns getting into a QB controversy this year. If Derrick Anderson slacks off one bit, fans will demand Quinn. Anderson's concussion really doesn't help him. Last year he had a great year, but he did have games where he played like Rex Grossman (that was an overstatement). One or two of those and things could get ugly in Cleveland.

The Bills have a great return man in the very least with Leodis McElvoy. However they already have Roscoe Parrish so he'll need to be a good CB as well. McElvoy will probably return kicks anyway though as he took one 95 yards to the house following a big return against the Skins the previous week.

The Bucs lost guard Davin Joseph for 4-8 weeks, dealing a big blow to a stellar O-line. The Bucs lack skill players so having a solid line is essential in order to prop up the offense.

The Bengals resigned Chris Henry. I don't get this at all. The guy was nothing but trouble and now you bring him back? I know CJ got hurt, but why Henry? It could have been anybody else preferably a player who plays rather than spends time in jail.

Joe horn was also released from Atlanta as the Falcons continue to make the case that receivers go to Chicago or Atlanta to die.

That's it for now...more to come

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