August 6, 2008

Punt Returner Still Up In The Air

After the first preseason game, it is still uncertain who will be returning punts. Justin Tryon didn't impress while Maurice Mann muffed a return.

Antwaan Randle El is starting again at receiver so he probably won't be called on to perform the returning duties. Devin Thomas might get a look once he returns. But I think the Skins should give Rock Cartwright a chance.

Cartwright never scores on returns, but you know he will get you solid yardage and protect the football. Field position and no turnovers sound good to me. Besides Cartwright has asked to do more so why not give him more. He has proved up to the task thus far in his career so why not give him some more responsibility.

One other special teams note. Derrick Frost will punt the next game against Buffalo and this should help determine who will be kicking for the Skins next year. Challenger Durant Brooks averaged about 46 yards a kick against Indianapolis and kicked one inside the 20. Another went through the endzone and he botched a hold on a field goal. With a strong outing, Frost could retain his job, but it's early yet.

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