August 20, 2008

A Quick Olympic Post

I know that this a football blog and yet I have to touch upon the olympics.

Last night America got to witness Shawn Johnson win her first gold medal after three close finishes. She brought home the gold with a phenomenal balance beam routine just edging out teammate and friend Nastia Liukin.

Both these gymnasts have represented our country so well and they have graced us with their beauty, strength, effort, and poise. Johnson captured audiences' hearts with her winning smile and beaming presence. Win or lose she always remained her gracious self while her powerhouse performances landed her four medals.

Johnson was the definition of power in her routines, scoring big air on every jump. Liukin contrasted Johnson's power with flowing grace and ended up with five medals.

However, to me, Johnson was the star of the show. I really can't express how much admiration I have for her. Her friendly demeanor, big heart, and beautiful face won me over from day one as I have to admit I have quite a thing for her.

Rather than simply train endlessly, Johnson has other pursuits that she dedicates time too. She draws and goes to public school and that is what sets her apart. She has other things to look forward to in life. She's not only an olympic champion but a champion in life in general. By being a well rounded person, she has truly made herself a better person and it shows whenever she is interviewed.

I can't hide it. I love this girl. She is everything I would want in a woman. And I pray she can stay grounded and continue on her successful road in life. Congratulations Shawn! Keep making me proud!

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