August 28, 2008

What If Jason Taylor Doesn't Play In Week One?

Sorry for the delay in between posts. I'm just getting back into the college groove and so I got a little sidetracked. Fortunately it's only preseason.

Anyway, We watched the Skins get destroyed in every facet of the game last weeks against Carolina and now the preseaon ended with a meaningless loss against Jacksonville, 24-3.

Roster cuts are coming, but the major concern is the offensive futility that plagued the Skins over the past two games. They were outscored 71-6 and Jason Campbell left much to be desired.

The big question is will the Skins be ready for the Giants in week one? It doesn't seem so as the Skins dropped passes and sputtered the past two games. Jason Taylor is rehabbing his knee in order to return for the NYG game, but things are up in the air.

It would be foolish for him to prematurely return as it could ruin Taylor's and the Skins' season. If he didn't play then we'd probably see Demetric Evans or Erasmus James play in his place. I would bet Evans.

The Giants have two solid tackles in David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie. They would have little trouble with Evans as a pass rusher, allowing them to double team Andre Carter who is already undersized.

If Taylor is absent the Skins' secondary will need to step up in a big way this week since the pass rush will not really be coming. We'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted.

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