September 10, 2008

Merriman Puzzles Me

Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman came into week one with a torn PCL, a devastating injury that requires months of rehabilitation after a difficult surgery.

Four doctors had advised Merriman, known by the nickname Lights Out, to pack it in and receiver the surgery.

However, Merriman decided to take his tough guy persona to a new level by playing on his gimpy knee last week against Carolina. He ignored the doctors' advice and declared he would be playing for as long as he could.

Well toss that statement out.

After just one game, Merriman realized his foolish mistake and has now decided to end his season.

The questions is: why did Merriman take such a big risk against 4 professional physicians' warnings only to pack it in after such a short time.

I like bravado as much as the next guy, but what Merriman did was beyond foolish. Torn ligaments are no joke, but Merriman decided to treat his like it was just a sprain.

His injury was career-threatening especially if he played on it. I guess that thought didn't bother Merriman as he suited up.

Did he play just so he could tell his kids that he played on virtually one knee? Did he really think he could play through it for a whole season? Or was he simply in denial about the injury?

Whatever the reason, the Bolts' front office needed to assert themselves and ensure that Merriman wouldn't risk his career like he did. Where was Norv Turner in this? All he said after the game was that Shawne "looked very explosive and physical." What a load of garbage, Norv. We all know he wasn't even close to full strength.

I don't understand how the organization allowed Merriman to play in his condition when they had certified doctors on their side. The situation makes no sense and things could have gotten dicey had Merriman further injured himself.

AJ Smith commented saying, "Shawne informed me he did not feel right and thought it best to shut it down." Wow. I just think Smith should have put more pressure on Merriman to not even play in the first place. The team has invested a lot in him as a player and to have him place himself in such a situation puts the team in a bind.

So even though Merriman emerged from Sunday's game in no worse shape, I really felt he should have never considered playing. How did that one game benefit him?

So Shawne, was it really worth it?

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