September 1, 2008

QB Surprises

Joe Flacco was named the Ravens starting QB today, one of many surprises in the QB battles going on around the NFL.

Flacco was a 1st round pick out of Delaware and the Ravens were hoping he would be ready to start right away. With the poor performances of Troy Smith and Kyle Boller, Flacco will undergo trial by fire and begin his career as the starter.

The Skins will be playing the Ravens in week 14 and if Flacco is still starting, the defensive could potentially have a field day with the Ravens patchwork O-line.

Elsewhere, Matt Leinart was beaten out by the ageless Kurt Warner, winning the Cardinals QB job. Ken Whisenhunt gave Leinart the shaft, indicating the former Heisman winner might not have a successful future in the NFL.

I was surprised Leinart wasn't given another shot, but Whisenhunt sees his players everyday and knows what they can do and the dedication they have. Clearly, Leinart must have been lacking in some aspect that Whisenhunt wants to see.

Leinart was injured last year, and I don't think he's ever been given the vote of confidence he needs in order to be a good QB. It looks like that might never come with the Cards.

The Skins beat Warner and Arizona last year (Warner was played with a injured elbow). This year they play in week three in the middle of a tough stretch for the Skins. We need to win that game as the Cardinals are having several internal problems and are ripe for the picking. Plus, we haven't lost to them in a while.

Finally, the 49ers declared that JT O'Sullivan is now their starter over former first overall pick Alex Smith. Smith struggled with injuries and poor play since taking the starting job under Mike Nolan. The spread offense system he ran in college left him unprepared for more complex NFL offenses. Sullivan outplayed him the preseason and Nolan and the organization swallowed their pride, going with the best player.

The Skins play the Niners in the last week of regular season play. Recently the Skins have been the dominant team. But this is a new season and we might know something different by it's end.

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