October 3, 2008

Can't Have A Letdown This Week

Washington needs to stay focused after a big win in Dallas. They have won three in a row and now this trip to Philly means they can make it a huge four game win streak.

The first five games of the schedule were, as I said at the start of the year, the hardest stretch for the Skins. Now after Philly, they have the Rams, Browns, Lions, and Steelers before playing Dallas. That's a far cry from the Giants, Saints, Cardinals, Cowboys, and Eagles.

I said if the Skins went 3-2 then we could possibly have a play-off year. Even if we do go 3-2 at this point, we are still contenders. We beat the Cowboys and this game will tough to follow up on that. Imagine if we do follow it up.

4-1 would make us the top team along with the Giants in the NFC in my opinion. We have been through the toughest five games thus far and emerging at 4-1 is exactly what is needed for a play-off run. And a divisional run as well.

The Eagles need this game in a bad way though. They are 2-2 and 0-1 in NFC East play. This game will determine whether they will have to play catch up all year or be right in the mix.

I like the Eagles chances even with a banged up Brian Westbrook. Their defense is unlike anything Jim Zorn has played against and I think the Skins will struggle to establish themselves on the ground. The defense will have to keep them in it and without Westbrook at 100% I think they will be able to manage this.

It's a tough game to win because of the Dallas win and the back-to-back road games in very hostile stadiums, but I think Zorn is giving his team the right mentality. Skins win 24-17 in a close one.

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