October 23, 2008

Could Romo Miss The Skins Game?

Reports are out that Cowboys' QB Tony Romo could miss the next two games and not return until the November 16th game against our Skins.

CBS Sportsline reported that Romo will not even be the team's emergency QB this week when they play the Buccaneers this week. He will also miss the divisional game against the Giants the following week before the Cowboys have their bye.

Romo can't grip a football properly and meanwhile his team can't get a grip on themselves. Jerry Jones is the self-proclaimed team physician; Terrell Owens has yet to meet a mike he didn't like; Pacman Jones has probably ridden in just about every cop car in existence and Wade Phillips is on thin ice.

Things aren't exactly great in Dallas as they could be looking at a 4-5 record when they head to DC. I would be interested to see if Romo even plays in the Skins game. If he does, there will certainly be some rust.

So how great could that be? The Skins sitting at 6-3 or 7-2 playing the Cowboys who are struggling to even stay in contention for a play-off spot. Like Mastercard, that's priceless.

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