October 12, 2008

Fear Not Skins Fans, Things Are Fine

I know everyone will want to panic after today's loss, but let's stay reasonable. As the entire FOX crew abandoned their belief in the Skins, I sat back and laughed.

After back-to-back road wins against divison opponents and four straight wins, a letdown was expected. With the next two games coming against the Lions and Browns, the Skins will get back to their winnning ways.

What the Skins really need is that killer instinct to crush the bottom feeders. They don't need to play a ball control game against the Rams. Just air it out early and often challenging that secondary.

The Skins did play very well in terms of moving the ball for parts of the game. However, turnovers hurt the Skins badly. Three fumbles, two deep in Rams territory took points off the board. What Pete Kendall was doing was beyond ridiculous. The fluke plays need to be stopped.

In addition, the defense failed to generate sacks. Two sacks against a weak offensive line just isn't enough, but with two more easy games, they have time to regroup.

More to come.

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