October 29, 2008

Ugliness Aside, It's Good To Be 6-2

Sure the Redskins need to think about scoring points. They can run up all the yards they want, but scoring wins games. That's a huge concern for the second half of the season, but overall, who cares? The Skins are 6-2!

Halfway through the regular season the Skins are in prime position to secure a play-off berth considering they have upcoming games against the Niners, Bengals, Ravens, and Seahawks. On the other hand, they still have to contend with the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, and Steelers.

Taking a quick peek at the first half of the year, it sometimes hard to believe we are 6-2. After the Giants game, it looked like the typical Redskins. Sloppy, sluggish, and downright vanilla. Then Jim Zorn opened up the playbook and let it rip. Jason Campbell went on a tear that led the Skins past Dallas, Philly, New Orleans, and Arizona.

Clinton Portis was running well, the offense was minimizing it's mistakes and capitalizing on the majority of their scoring chances. All of this crashed down around them with a loss to St. Louis.

The Rams came into DC winless and the Skins certainly played unispired football against an uninspired team (they have recently picked it up however). They committed their first offensive turnovers of the year, and failed to score enough points despite outplaying the Rams in almost every category.

Things didn't change much for the next two weeks against Detroit and Cleveland. The same vanilla effort. The same offense that can do anything it pleases except punch the ball into the endzone. However, the Skins did salvage out a pair of wins and that's all that matters. Now, they need to look to the second half because chances are, these Skins have a lot to look forward to.

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