October 20, 2008

Where Did The Offense Go?

After two tremendous wins over the Eagles and Cowboys, I expected to see the Skins take at the very least two out of the next three games. Three cream puffs: the Rams, Browns, and Lions. Two games at home and a road game against a Detroit team who looks like the division I-AA team thrown into division I.

However, the Redskins have decided to make things painful for us. Joe Gibbs' offense was supposed to leave with him, but it didn't seem so yesterday. Jason Campbell doesn't throw interceptions, Jim Zorn. So why did you refuse to throw downfield in the first half.

Sanatana Moss is a guy who can score on any given play. That being said, why not throw to him more often. The way Clinton Portis is running, Moss will get single coverage more and more frequently. He needs to get the ball early and throughout games.

The Skins did a great job moving Moss around the field, making it difficult for the Browns to double team him. This is what Zorn will have to continue doing so his top receiver will have some room to work with.

Again though, the playcalling needs to open up. Zorn did a fantastic job after week one, mixing it up and using the pass to set up the run. This week Zorn seemed to focus on using the run to set up the pass. I think to maintain consistency the Skins must stay aggressive. That killer instinct to finish drives has to be present in every game. The more Campbell gets comfortable early, the more scoring we will see.

So please, Jim Zorn. Take a chance. Let the Campbell to Moss connection work. It will pay off.

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