January 1, 2009

Some New Year's Resolutions For The Skins

2009 brings another year to everyone and for the Redskins a new start couldn't be better.

How many times have we seen this? The Redskins enter a new year sitting at home just waiting to get another shot at contending come August.

Well I'm tired of that so here's a few ideas to help Skins out in the future.

1. Fire Vinny Cerrato: The man is clueless. He's been Danny Boy's puppet since conception. He's there simply as a shield just so Snyder can make his own decisions without anyone knowing that he's still calling the shots. Please get rid of him an find the second coming of Ron Wolf. Scott Pioli per chance?

2. Resign Deangelo Hall: The guy can be a brilliant cover corner, but he can be lazy as well. Give him an incentive laden contract and bring him back. Our defense lacks playmakers and he is one of the best. The secondary is one of the strong spots on the team, and with Shawn Springs aging and Carlos Rogers unhappy, keeping Hall might be necessary to keep it strong.

3. Out with the old: There are some graying heads on the roster that need to be let go. We might be attached to them, but they aren't doing us any favors by wasting spots. Jon Jansen and Marcus Washington are old and injury ridden. Pete Kendall and Casey Rabach look very slow and over-matched. It might take several seasons, but this lot must be purged from the team. Thanks for the service and happy trails fellas.

4. In with the new: The lines must be fortified both offensively and defensively. The trenches were very suspect this year and it might take several years for them to jell with fresh talent. Best do it while O-line wizard Joe Bugel is still around.

Outside Linebacker is also a weak position. Rocky McIntosh had a quiet year and Washington struggled when healthy. In addition there is little depth behind them.

The best way to remedy these problems would be through the draft. Drafting eases salary cap issues and should give the Redskins players who will perform at the top of their games rather than seeing an underachieving performances by overpaid stars.

5. Stick to the plan: I've seen a lot of different ideas thrown around the past decade. None of them have been formulated into a ordered plan. Some years we draft, others we sign free agents. Often times the free agents don't fit our system and the draftees rarely make an impact.

Basically I just want some continuity in the front office. They never seem to be on the right page and their decisions have a long track record of failing. For every right move, ten erase it. This team will be mired in mediocrity until someone comes in and sticks to a plan.

Fortunately, I feel Jim Zorn might actually know what he's doing in terms of rebuilding. Now Danny boy has to listen. JZ knows best.

There's a lot to fix and there'll be more in the coming year's. So what's important is that Skins stop trying for the quick fix and start from scratch. It might not be pretty, but they'll be thankful for it in a few years.

So there's the resolutions. Happy 2009!


dickster1961 said...

as much as I would like to see Vinny fired, I don't see it happening just for the reason you state he should be fired. Snyder is not going to bring in somebody who would not put up with his meddling. We all saw what happened to Marty.

Jack said...

Yeah Vinny isn't going anywhere. I wish he was, but he's just there for Snyder to hide behind and make his own choices.

When Marty get fired I almost died. He would have made us so much better. With Snyder all I can say is: Less is more.