January 28, 2009

Super Bowl Quick Hits

The more I think about this game, the less excited I am. I like the Cardinals, I really do, but I just don't feel they belong here.

Sure they won their play-off games, but they really don't have a great defense or a solid running game. The defense hasn't even been great during their postseason run. They have simply been average. And yet they keep winning.

Which leads me to wonder is Larry Fitzgerald and the Cards passing attack really that good?

If so the Cards will have some trouble against the Steelers number one ranked defense.

The Steelers secondary seemed to be the weak link that was masked by a great pass rush. However, last week Pittsburgh's secondary blanketed the Raven receivers with a less than solid rush in the first half. Granted, Derrick Mason is a far cry from Larry Fitz, but the secondary looked good last week.

This week, the Steelers will have to get some pressure because Warner can pick apart any secondary if he has time. There's just too many weapons. The Eagles didn't stop the Cards until they got in Warner's face. Pittsburgh will have to do the same.

Big Ben was less than stellar in his previous Super Bowl appearance. The Cardinals secondary is less than fearsome so expect him to be a little more effective. The Cardinals linebackers are what has really saved face defensively.

Ben has the ability to stretch out plays and make something happen. Against this defense he could find a lot of opportunities to strike. The Cards will have to play with reckless abandon in order to prevent Ben from hurting them with his arm.

Clancy Pendergast proved against Philly he isn't afraid to bring the house. But just bringing players doesn't do the trick. They have to break through and finish off hits. Ben makes a living breaking tackles.

I feel Willie Parker could be the X factor offensively for the Steelers. He is healthy and has less wear on his body because he had to sit out a few games earlier in the year. His speed and power could take its toll on the Arizona secondary as the game gets into its later stages.

Overall, it's been a quiet week and both teams seem ready to go. I can't help but feel Pittsburgh is better in almost every category, but these Cardinals have something about them. They sure aren't the best, but they just keep surviving and proving everyone wrong.

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