January 30, 2009

Super Links For A Super Sunday

Hines Ward should be able to bring out his full bag of dirty tricks. Relax Steelers fans, I'm just playing around.

If Pittsburgh got riled up about the Titans trashing their Terrible Towel, this will raise some pulses. What was the AZ mayor thinking?

Cool story for this no namer. Nice to have these stories in the NFL. Reminds me a little of that construction worker signed off off the streets by Philly in the '04 Super Bowl.

I refuse to link this, but Barack is picking the Steelers. Why in the world do we care who he picks? His knowledge might only surpass that of Emmitt Smith's.

Anquan Boldin really doesn't bother me. Sure he went a little overboard, but the organization really gave him the cold shoulder this past offseason. He's a team player and will show it at the Super Bowl. The Cardinals Report agrees.

Thank you, Matt Bowen for backing up Ryan Clark and big hits. It's part of the game America. Get used to it or don't watch.

The top ten worst Super Bowl teams of all time. Wow Fox Sports. The Cards are number one and the game hasn't even been played. My money is on the Bears in '06. They sucked.

Well for what it's worth, I'm gonna roll with the Steelers even though the Cards have been the team of destiny. AZ seemingly gets exactly what they need right when they need it. But Pittsburgh usually has a way of disregarding the hype and just winning when they need to. Their defense is just too much for me to pick against them.

However, this Cards team has surprised me before. And they could very well do it again.

Steelers win, 20-7

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