February 28, 2009

Skins Ink Dockery

They finally did it! The move I've been waiting for. The move I've been praying for.

We needed an upgrade along the O-line particularly within the interior of the line.

The Bills cut Derrick Dockery, a former standout guard in DC.

The Skins resigned him according to NFL Network reporter Adam Schefter

Dockery is big and only 28. He knows the system here in DC and was arguably the best lineman we had before he left. This could very well be the biggest free agent signing the Skins make this offseason. Screw Haynesworth and Hall, this is the big kahuna.

The deal is actually about half of what Dockery left the Skins for and so it appears the Skins finally might have made a wise decision and not overpaid for a player.

Dockery was released because the Bills couldn't afford him. He also didn't fit with their new blocking system well enough. These two factors played heavily into his release, but it had little to do with a drop off in talent.

Good to see Derrick back. This undoubtedly means we have seen the last of Pete Kendall who is a free agent.

This also adds to draft speculation. Can the Skins afford the #13 selection? It really seems unlikely, but then again they always magically create extra space.

Should they fail to have the cap room, the Skins could trade down in the draft and still end up with a solid interior lineman like Alex Wood or Duke Robinson. If they stay in the first round, Michael Oher or Andre Smith could fall to them. Either one could make a great right tackle.

Even though I remain skeptical, I can't help but be a little excited. Haynesworth is an upgrade (despite my negativity towards the signing) and resigning Hall keeps the secondary intact. Now with Dockery, I feel we addressed a major need. Now do we want a running back or some more lineman?

Cassel To Chiefs?

The Chiefs have been building a team slowly, but surely and now they might really have something going.

Tom Curran gives us some fantastic insight on the Mike Vrabel trade that could have more to it than meets the eye.

Plus, Philly is getting involved in the madness. They are in the process of trying to trade away Lito Sheppard to the Jets (who are like the Skins acquiring every FA known to man).

In addition, the Eagles have officially ended what little they had going with TJ Houshmandzadeh. So if the Giants land him, then could Plax end up in Philly? Philly really needs another receiver, but Plax would probably remind fans of the TO years.

But the biggest news in Philly was the end of an era. I really hate the Eagles, but I have always respected Brian Dawkins. He still doesn't seem washed up to me, and I think he'll really help out in Denver.

Yes, B-Dawk is now a Bronco. Strange to hear that. What a relief for the Skins!

And finally, great article on fanzak.com concerning Haynesworth.

Mortensen Reveals The Real Deal

ESPN's Chris Mortensen announced that the Haynesworth deal is in essence a four-year $48 million dollar deal.

That makes things a little better to me, but the Skins will still have to pay out the nose at some point even if they cut him or restructure his deal. Just not $100 million.

Also, the Skins canceled Chris Canty's visit, meaning they actually couldn't afford someone...Maybe.

Derrick Dockery is still free and the Skins are talking to him so that certainly looks good. O-line is the top concern.

I selected Michael Oher from Ole Miss in footballburrito.com's mock draft. Check it out here.

However, the Skins might also want to look at RBs. Knowshawn Moreno, LeSean McCoy, and possibly Beanie Wells would be available at #13. Having a speed back would make things a lot easier on offense. We haven't had a breakaway threat in forever.

I really can't decide what would help the offense more: a gamebreaker or a young right tackle. If the Skins can't decide they will probably go with the best player rather than what they think they need more. That seems to be their thing the last few years.

February 27, 2009

Springs Cut

The Skins created some space by cutting CB Shawn Springs a few hours ago according to profootballweekly.com.

Springs' injury history and the resigning of Deangelo Hall enabled the Skins to part ways with him.

This means the Skins should be able to make Carlos Rogers happy as he will be the second starting corner now that Springs is gone.

So the Skins have upgraded their defense quite a bit. They solidified the secondary and improved the D-line. Though I'm a skeptic they are definitely fixing some holes.

Anyways, I always liked Shawn and the attitude he gave in DC. I'll miss him and I wish him well. But it was definitely time to end it.

He was actually a good free agent signing come to think of it.

He is rumored to be looking at New England as a new home. Yet another move to back up my point that New England thrives on mummified remains of players.

Also Bart Scott landed in New York to play play for the Jets. Ray Lewis and Corey Ivy may be next to fly the coop in Baltimore.

Update: Profootballweekly.com also announced the Skins are talking to Derrick Dockery and Chris Canty. Where do they get all this cap space??? Now I'm curious to see what they do with the #13 pick.

Haynesworth Dons The Burgundy And Gold: Bad Move? I Think So

The Washington Redskins sure know how to live up to expectations.

Too bad I'm not buying it anymore.

The Skins inked Albert Haynesworth to a monster seven-year $100 million dollar deal. Thats right $100 million.

That puts Haynesworth in some elite company. Only QBs have really made this much before.

The Skins had less than $8.1 million in cap space after the Deangelo Hall signing, but somehow, someway they were able to squeeze Haynesworth in.

Haynesworth is a marquee name and a terrific on-field presence, but he has his question marks. In fact, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Haynesworth has played a full slate of games just once in his career. He has trouble staying healthy, and has some serious character issues.

Haynesworth cleated Cowboys center Andre Gurode several seasons back, and has also been in trouble with the law before. Those things are serious and the Skins really need to make sure Haynesworth doesn't bring them to the table.

Haynesworth does bring some positives to the table. He probably has another 2-3 excellent seasons ahead of him, and that will raise the quality of the defensive line play in the coming years. Haynesworth will definitely help create better matchups for little speed rushers like Jason Taylor and Andre Carter. This will put in place a nice little trickle-down affect that should ease the pressure on the secondary and create some much-needed turnovers.

Overall, I'm shocked the Skins made the move. I really thought a lot of the talk concerning it was just speculation. For a team who has supposedly recommitted to the draft, I don't think this past 12 hours emphasizes that.

As for the #13 selection, the Skins will most likely have to trade it away because I don't think it will be possible to afford a selection at that pick. This means the Skins will be missing out on a potential starting right tackle. Unless they find some new way to create more cap space.

An interesting start to the new season, but not one that bodes well for the Skins in the long run. Danny Boy just never learns.

Update: Peter King reports on si.com that the Skins will still be hosting Chris Canty later this afternoon in DC. I guess we haven't seen the last of it yet. Derrick Dockery is also still available.

PFT Announces Skins Talking With Canty

Yes sir, the Skins didn't waste any time.

Chris Canty has already spoken with the Skins according to the Sporting News via profootballtalk.com.

I'm just praying they don't overspend. There will be guys like Orakpo in the draft who wil be more versatile and give you a better pass rush.

If you are looking for a big run stuffer just resign Demetric Evans. He's much more affordable.

I like Canty and he fits, but he's not worth big bucks. I'd rather see us come up empty than overpay for Canty.

Also there's a great lower-tier free agent DE out there. Postseason standout Antonio Smith could be a steal.

Update: Adam Schefter reports that the Skins have indeed set up a visit with Canty. This really is the best time of year to be a Skins fan isn't it? Sad but true.

Dockery Cut, Taylor to Pats?

Bills guard Derrick Dockery was cut earlier on Thursday.

Dockery as we all know was a solid member of the Dirtbags before leaving the team in free agency to sign a monster deal. He has not missed a game in five years and is a solid guard.

With the Skins in need of interior linemen, Dockery would be a great choice. He's young, big, durable, and knows the system Joe Bugel uses.

Pete Kendall is washed up and a free agent, so what could be better than bringing big Dock back?

Fire up the jet, Danny.

I always thought of the Patriots as the team who could find a mostly-dead animal, pick it up and force it to go on another 10 miles before it collasped. They are again proving this theory by going after Fragile Fred Taylor.

Taylor still has some gas left in the tank, but very little. If he signs with New England, they will squeeze something out of him.

TJ Houshmandzadeh has a bunch of suitors including the New York Giants. Signing TJ would allow the G-Men to part ways with Plax.

More to come.

Hall Signs With Skins As Free Agency Begins

Deangelo Hall bided his time. So did the Washington Redskins.

Both of them got what they wanted.

Hall landed a six-year $54 million dollar contract with $22.5 million in guaranteed money. In return the Skins keep one of the NFL's top corners in the Burgundy and Gold.

In recent days it appeared Hall would hit the free agent market, but the Skins had moved negotiations along smoothly for the past several weeks unbeknownst to the media. Many had felt that Hall's asking price was too steep for Washington, but a glance at the deal indicates otherwise.

Resigning Hall leaves the Skins in a tight cap position because it appears that they will not be cutting either Jason Taylor or Shawn Springs. They restructured the deals of Cornelius Griffin, Antwaan Randle El, Chris Samuels, and Andre Carter to get under the cap, but they really have little room to operate through the rest of free agency. Prior to Hall's signing, they had $8.1 million in cap space.

This move rules out a possibility to go after Albert Haynesworth, which is actually a benefit given the questions surrounding his character and durability. Now the Skins will pursue some second-tier free agents who could fill some holes.

Hall's signing could very well force them to trade down their selection in the draft as well. I don't know the particulars of the deal, but it could make it difficult for the Skins to afford a player at the #13 pick in the draft.

In addition, the move could mean the end of the road for Carlos Rogers in DC.

Rogers has expressed his desire to start, and should Springs stay at corner, Rogers could find himself in the nickel spot. Trades have been mentioned regarding Rogers, so expect to hear more rumblings in the coming days.

February 26, 2009

The Post Reports Canty, Haynesworth, and Hall Are The Skins Big Three

The Washington Post reports that the Washington Redskins have targeted Deangelo Hall, Albert Haynesworth, and Chris Canty as their top three free agents in this year's market.

How will the Skins be able to afford all three?

Hall is demanding $15 million guaranteed while Haynesworth wants $30 million guaranteed. Canty seems like a cheaper player, but his agent said Canty is looking for $18 million guaranteed. Not worth it for a guy who had two sacks last year.

Canty would definitely be an upgrade. He can stop the run and take up space. If Jason Taylor moves to LB, then Canty could definitely create pass rushing room for Taylor. But I just don't think Canty is worth the money.

I've already stated that Haynesworth is not worth the money. He's not even an everydown player. He's older and injury prone. He'd have to play out of his mind to command such a huge deal in DC. But it appears that we are going for him anyway.

Hall will be needed, but his asking price is really to high. He's not a top 5 corner so why pay him top 5 money?

The Skins have restructured the contracts of Chris Samuels, Andre Carter, ARE, and Cornelius Griffin. Taylor's could be redone, and Shawn Springs will most likely get cut.

I just don't get it. With guys like Jason Brown out there, the Skins are trying to drop big bucks on guys who just aren't worth the money. There is no premiere free agent this year. None of the big names are worth the asking price.

But Danny Boy takes a backseat to no one.

February 25, 2009


Albert Haynesworth has been rumored to be possibly heading up to DC. But it will cost the Skins big bucks.

Haynesworth is looking for what is to be rumored around 15 million dollars a year and the Skins are apparently in the market as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Haynesworth's agent denied the rumors, obviously, but to me it just makes my skin tingle.

Danny Boy is at it again.

There's no need to sign Haynesworth. He'll be 28 come the start of the season; he rarely plays a full 16 games; and his salary would make it nearly impossible for the Skins to fill other needs.

The Skins are just under the cap. To acquire Haynesworth, they would have to cut Jason Taylor and Shawn Springs. That would free up just enough space for Haynesworth. Forget about adding anything else.

Haynesworth is not worth the cash, but you know Danny is giving him a long, hard look.

There are other holes to fill and quite frankly, the Skins can fill a lot of them if they spend wisely.

Some other affordable defenders include Rocky Bernard, Bart Scott, Johnathan Vilma, and Michael Boley.

Defensive line is a concern, but there is little to remedy it affordably through free agency so the Skins could draft Michael Orakpo the DE from Texas or B.J. Raji the DT from BC.

Mike Goff and Jason Brown are both solid options along the O-line. The draft also has some great potential with Andre and Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher, and others.

So Danny, see all the other great options you could choose from? Stay away from Albert. He is too expensive.

The Skins also tendered Shaun Suisham today meaning that they can match any other offers that other teams give him. Why the Skins would want to keep Suisham is beyond me. Maybe because their only other option is Dave Rayner?

On second thought, let's not discuss our kicking situation. Onto other news.

The Bucs released Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway, and Warrick Dunn, saving them about $13 million. Could they be making a push for Julius Peppers? Don't expect the Panthers to let him go to division rival Tampa.

If I had to bet where Peppers goes, I'd say Green Bay. The Packers need him due to their switch to the 3-4 and they are $35 million under the cap. Granted they hate giving up draft picks.

Other teams: Dallas or Tampa. The Jets might want him, but they really can't afford him.

However, the asking price for the franchised Peppers is so high that he might not be going anywhere.

Marvin Harrison has deep roots in Philly.  The Eagles are desperate to get some legitimate targets. Will they go for Marvin even though he has little left in the tank? Probably, but they also should consider TJ Houshmandzadeh who is a younger option.

Houshmandzadeh is a consistent threat who could quickly bolster most team's passing games. The market for him will be intense.

The Dolphins took LB Channing Crowder off the market, depriving free agency of a great sleeper. Crowder has always been solid and Miami was wise to resign him.

And finally it appears that the Skins will have some trouble resigning Deangelo Hall. Hall wants big money and the Skins don't want to give him what he is demanding. Considering Hall's ability to take the money and run, the Skins are being smart here. 

February 24, 2009

Skins Release Washington

Marcus Washington has always been a fan favorite, but his recent injury history made him one of the most expendable players on the Skins roster.

And he is the first big name to go.

Washington has battled hamstring and ankle injuries throughout the past two seasons and had clearly lost a step when he actually made it onto the field. He was a liability partly due to his performance, partly due to his salary.

Cutting Washington frees up $4 million in cap space this offseason for Washington. It won't really enable the Skins to break the bank in free agency meaning that we will undoubtedly see someone else get the axe in the next week or so.

I really think it would be a mistake to cut Jason Taylor. The guy is just one season removed from double-digit sack totals, and two removed from winning defensive player of the year. He battled injuries and got a late start with the team as well.

Taylor was a major disappointment, but I think he could be a huge presence this year if healthy. The Skins really have few options at DE anyway, so I would take the cap hit and hope Taylor pans out. A good performance would validate their investment in him and I think he will have one this year.

So that leaves us with Shawn Springs and Cornelius Griffin as two players who could be cut to free up cap space.

Both are older and injuries have kept them from playing 16 games a season the past few years. Griffin's play has declined and Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston are younger, cheaper options. The defensive line play has been underwhelming to say the least and Griffin is certainly not the future at DT so it would be wise to cut him.

Springs can still play at a high level when healthy, but the guy has to be drained both mentally and physically. His father Ron has been in a coma the past two seasons and Springs has missed huge chunks of the 2006 and 2008 seasons with injuries.

You don't like to cut talented players, but Springs has a lot working against him. Cutting him would free up $8 million in cap space and he really hasn't shown the ability to stay on the field on a consistent basis.

Taylor might have some of the same issues as the other two, but there's no denying he has the potential to be far and away the most dominant player on the defense. I still think he's capable of 12-14 sack season. I don't see Griffin having the same impact, and I don't believe Springs can stay on the field.

The Skins might cut Taylor, but it would be a serious mistake.

The Skins also released Ryan Plackemeier leaving them with just one punter on the roster. Zac Atterberry is the number one punter from the prestigious Lindenwood University, and has yet to kick in an NFL game. Kicking woes will continue next year in DC.

Also, HB Blades is the present starter at OLB in the aftermath of Washington's release. Blades is the heir apparent to MLB London Fletcher and really doesn't have the speed and athleticism needed for OLB. The Skins might want to look to sign a guy like Bart Scott or draft someone to get some depth at linebacker.

Byron Westbrook was signed yet again. The young corner will make his third bid to win a roster spot this preseason. Best of luck to the DC native who has always been one of my favorite preseason players to watch.

Elsewhere, The Colts are preparing to cut Marvin Harrison whose career has been in a freefall since the 2007 season. Harrison is still getting top money ($13 million a year) for zero production and refuses to take a pay cut. Throw in a fishy murder case, and the Colts are definitely ready to part ways with Harrison. What a sad way for an illustrious career to end.

The combine is wrapping up and I really hope that there's some way the Skins will be able to land Aaron Curry the OLB from Wake Forest. He is widely being considered the best player in the draft and his combine numbers did nothing to discourage that.

Pat White performed well, as did Beanie Wells and Darrius Heyward-Bey. Meanwhile, the O-line target are plentiful for the Skins to choose from.

More to come on the combine and free agency.

February 11, 2009

Face Time On All The Wrong Channels: A-Rod And Tony Romo

I went to the gym yesterday (like I do everyday, ladies), and I was disgusted at what I saw on the TVs there.

No it wasn't the latest stimulus debate or economic downfall; it was A-Rod on CNN and Tony Romo on E!.

My first take: these guys are professional athletes who I expect to see on ESPN for their highlights on the playing field, not their exploits off it.

Instead I'm treated to A-Rod telling Katie Couric and other talking heads that he would never in his life consider using steroids. Now that we see him for what he is (a fraud) he tells us that he only took steroids for a short period of time. And we are supposed to believe him for that.

By the time A-Rod took 'roids, the public was already in tune to what was going on. Steroids were being decried across the nation, but A-Rod says he was confused and young. He said that that's just the lifestyle that permeated the life of every baseball player. Spare us the excuses, A-Rod.

Are we expected to feel sorry for him? That poor, impressionable youngster was taken advantage of, and we should just give him a free pass for lying.

Sorry, but A-Rod is much more intelligent than he lets on. By the time he took steroids, he was aware of the backlash that could come about should he be caught. And he did get caught albeit in an unfair way, but now we know the truth.

So since A-Rod struggles with the truth, how are we to know how long he took them?

We may never know.

A-Rod's actions give sports a black eye that it may never recover from. Baseball gave him a career, and in turn he tarnished the game's integrity to improve his standing.

Now we get to see him plastered on Time Magazine, interviewed on 60 Minutes, and see his face everywhere it shouldn't be. But A-Rod isn't the only getting face time for all the wrong reasons.

I saw Tony Romo on E! Network. That should explain why he can't win big games. The guy is so caught up in his superstar status that he doesn't take the time to fine-tune his game. Rather than keep a low profile in the film room, Romo gets caught up in various love triangles and works on his aw-shucks persona.

Romo can keep it up as far as I'm concerned because that only hurts the Cowboys which I don't mind at all. However, Romo's behavior does nothing to help the league. Sure the tabloids love his happy-go-lucky style, but the NFL doesn't like tabloids that display one of their stars sleeping around with this generation's class of bimbos posing as musicians.

So while Romo could be working on football and settling down with a decent woman, he instead hangs out with Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood.

It's not like Romo is a winner. The guy disappears in December and chokes in the postseason. He has a long way to go to justify his fame, which means he should really do everything to avoid it until he can actually live up to it.

And yet, Romo isn't alone in his sexual exploits.

Switch back over to A-Rod who cheated on his wife, Cynthia, with pop star Madonna.

Like Romo, A-Rod's mug graced all the tabloids and gossip networks. Like Romo, A-Rod should know better.

Cheating on your wife establishes oneself as a dishonest person. A-Rod's smooth demeanor was called out by teammates as fake. He lied about steroids. He cheated on his wife. See a pattern?

A-Rod really is A-Fraud. His whole career has been completely staged and we have all been played the fool. Should we trust him at all anymore?

I have a message for each of these guys.

To A-Rod: Search deep within yourself, scrape together some testicular fortitude and come clean. Completely clean. After that, just play the game.

To Tony Romo: You are getting some nice ass, but if you want to be a winner and a leader then put aside childish things. Stay out of the public eye for a while; hone your game. Once you've actually won a meaningful game, I'll think about taking you seriously.

Both these guys are in the news for all the wrong reasons. It not only makes them look bad, it also damages the image of their respective sports. Maybe they'll finally see this and get over themselves. But I wouldn't count on it.

February 9, 2009

Pro Bowling

So the only way I could enjoy this game is if I could cover it live in Hawaii. Other than that why would I want to see a pickup football game played by a bunch of guys that I can see next fall playing for real?

So I won't lie, I didn't watch the game. I have never watched the game. And I probably never will even though the game is being transferred to a week before the Super Bowl next year.

That's right the Pro Bowl will be in Miami next year, a week before the Big Game. Which means that anyone selected from next year's Super Bowl teams will obviously not be playing. The move is an attempt to "raise the profile" of the game.

Actually it's a good idea. After the Super Bowl, fans are ready to pack it in or start looking at the draft. The week before the Super Bowl is usually one of long agony, waiting for the Big Game, trying to get past Media Day. So this could actually whet fans' appetites.

Still it is a meaningless game so it's not like the NFL will see a drastic spike in its TV audience for the game.

Oh yeah what happened in the game you ask?

The NFC won 30-21 over the AFC led by Larry Fitz (who else?) with five catches for 81 yards and two TDs. My question is: when will Larry next have a bad game? Ever?

CP saw some limited action (5 carries for 18 yards, 2 catches for 8 yards), and so did Mike Sellers (1 carry for 1 yard, one catch for 7 yards). Good to the Skins get out there and represent.

February 7, 2009

Skins Make A Few Moves

The Skins brought in two players this week both of which might not even be on the roster come training camp. But hey we still have to keep up with this...I guess.

Shaun Suisham is getting a little competition with the signing of Dave Rayner. Rayner's last full season was in 2006 for Green Bay. He was cut in 2007 after the Packers drafted Mason Crosby.

Rayner went 26-35 in 2006 and saw limited action in both the 2007 and 2008 with several teams.

Rayner has a strong leg, but struggles with consistency on short kicks. Given that Suisham struggles to make anything, ever, Rayner might make his way onto the roster. I feel that there will be a new face at kicker by the time the season begins, but odds are we don't have the guy yet.

The Skins also inked CFL star special-teamer Dominique Dorsey. Dorsey played kick returner up north for the Toronto somethings and stands at just 5-7, 170 pounds. I can only see him returning punts if he makes the team, but if he shows a burst, the Skins could sneak him into certain formations and utilize him on gimmick plays.

I don't understand as to why the Skins think returner is an issue. Rock Cartwright is consistent and reliable. He isn't a threat to score, but you know he'll hang onto the ball and get it out to the 30 consistently. In addition, there were several times he delivered when the Skins needed big returns late in games.

Punt returner could be fixed from within. Antwaan is abysmal at football in general, but there are several other options. Playing Santana Moss at returner would be risky, but you would be rewarded with some big plays. Justin Tryon is a shifty player who could find his niche at returner while James Thrash has experience returning kicks.

Overall, Dorsey probably won't be worth a roster spot and I don't see him making it to July. But you just never know.

February 6, 2009

Could Russ Grimm End Up Coaching in DC?

With the Cardinals' rise to prominence this past month, NFL teams around the league are starting to take notice.

Earlier today, Arizona Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley was offered the head coaching position in Kansas City. Assuming he accepts, every head coaching vacancy will be filled, leaving Arizona's other prize assistant available.

Russ Grimm has received limited interest from few teams for a head coaching job in the NFL. However, many feel that the team that finally hires him might end up with a fantastic leader.

Success has followed Grimm throughout his his football life. He won three Super Bowls with the Washington Redskins as a member of the Hogs. He put his knowledge to good use as he coached the Redskins O-line before ending up in Pittsburgh with Bill Cowher.

Cowher, Grimm, and the Steelers won a Super Bowl in 2005, and Cowher retired after the 2006 season. Grimm was passed over for the head-coaching job in Pittsburgh and left the Steelers to join former Steelers OC Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona.

Whisenhunt's biggest challenge was to take a Cardinal offense that possessed weapons and translate the pieces into a a functional unit. Grimm certainly helped the cause by stabilizing a shaky offensive line this season.

The unit has some young players like tackle Levi Brown. They are learning and seemed to really come together in the postseason. Run blocking improved tremendously while Kurt Warner was, on the whole, given adequate time to throw.

Grimm will eventually lead a team, and what better team than the Redskins. Washington has been mired in mediocrity for much of the past decade. They lack someone who can earn the players' respect. They lack a strong, vocal presence who works hard and isn't afraid to lay down the law.

Jim Zorn may very well be the answer, but should he be fired in the next season or two, the Skins should look Grimm's way.

Grimm knows the team, knows the tradition. He knows that winning starts with the basics. Most 'Skins teams in recent memory are missing that spark. They need someone who can give them that blue-collar drive and motivation. Russ Grimm is that guy.

He doesn't pull punches. He'll be brutally honest with Dan Snyder and establish a set plan in order to put together a stable, competitive franchise.

His no-nonsense swagger is something we haven't seen in Norv, Steve, Jim, or even Joe. He knows football and can connect with the players while making them a tough team both mentally and physically.

Year after year, we hear about the strong offseason commitments by Redskin players. But I don't see that on Sundays in the fall. When was the last time I saw the 'Skins consistently well-prepared or well-coached? I can't remember.

With Russ Grimm, you'll see a better effort from the coaching staff, which will impact the commitment from the players. I want to see that effort very badly, and Grimm really gives us the best chance to play old-school Redskins football.

Redskins football means finding ways to win. Grimm has always done just that. Joe Gibbs always inspired his players to play with pride during his second stint with the team, but Grimm could motivate his players to play not only with pride, but passion.

So it might be unlikely, but if the 'Skins happen to be searching for a coach next offseason, Russ Grimm should be high on their list. They won't regret it.