February 6, 2009

Could Russ Grimm End Up Coaching in DC?

With the Cardinals' rise to prominence this past month, NFL teams around the league are starting to take notice.

Earlier today, Arizona Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley was offered the head coaching position in Kansas City. Assuming he accepts, every head coaching vacancy will be filled, leaving Arizona's other prize assistant available.

Russ Grimm has received limited interest from few teams for a head coaching job in the NFL. However, many feel that the team that finally hires him might end up with a fantastic leader.

Success has followed Grimm throughout his his football life. He won three Super Bowls with the Washington Redskins as a member of the Hogs. He put his knowledge to good use as he coached the Redskins O-line before ending up in Pittsburgh with Bill Cowher.

Cowher, Grimm, and the Steelers won a Super Bowl in 2005, and Cowher retired after the 2006 season. Grimm was passed over for the head-coaching job in Pittsburgh and left the Steelers to join former Steelers OC Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona.

Whisenhunt's biggest challenge was to take a Cardinal offense that possessed weapons and translate the pieces into a a functional unit. Grimm certainly helped the cause by stabilizing a shaky offensive line this season.

The unit has some young players like tackle Levi Brown. They are learning and seemed to really come together in the postseason. Run blocking improved tremendously while Kurt Warner was, on the whole, given adequate time to throw.

Grimm will eventually lead a team, and what better team than the Redskins. Washington has been mired in mediocrity for much of the past decade. They lack someone who can earn the players' respect. They lack a strong, vocal presence who works hard and isn't afraid to lay down the law.

Jim Zorn may very well be the answer, but should he be fired in the next season or two, the Skins should look Grimm's way.

Grimm knows the team, knows the tradition. He knows that winning starts with the basics. Most 'Skins teams in recent memory are missing that spark. They need someone who can give them that blue-collar drive and motivation. Russ Grimm is that guy.

He doesn't pull punches. He'll be brutally honest with Dan Snyder and establish a set plan in order to put together a stable, competitive franchise.

His no-nonsense swagger is something we haven't seen in Norv, Steve, Jim, or even Joe. He knows football and can connect with the players while making them a tough team both mentally and physically.

Year after year, we hear about the strong offseason commitments by Redskin players. But I don't see that on Sundays in the fall. When was the last time I saw the 'Skins consistently well-prepared or well-coached? I can't remember.

With Russ Grimm, you'll see a better effort from the coaching staff, which will impact the commitment from the players. I want to see that effort very badly, and Grimm really gives us the best chance to play old-school Redskins football.

Redskins football means finding ways to win. Grimm has always done just that. Joe Gibbs always inspired his players to play with pride during his second stint with the team, but Grimm could motivate his players to play not only with pride, but passion.

So it might be unlikely, but if the 'Skins happen to be searching for a coach next offseason, Russ Grimm should be high on their list. They won't regret it.

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