February 11, 2009

Face Time On All The Wrong Channels: A-Rod And Tony Romo

I went to the gym yesterday (like I do everyday, ladies), and I was disgusted at what I saw on the TVs there.

No it wasn't the latest stimulus debate or economic downfall; it was A-Rod on CNN and Tony Romo on E!.

My first take: these guys are professional athletes who I expect to see on ESPN for their highlights on the playing field, not their exploits off it.

Instead I'm treated to A-Rod telling Katie Couric and other talking heads that he would never in his life consider using steroids. Now that we see him for what he is (a fraud) he tells us that he only took steroids for a short period of time. And we are supposed to believe him for that.

By the time A-Rod took 'roids, the public was already in tune to what was going on. Steroids were being decried across the nation, but A-Rod says he was confused and young. He said that that's just the lifestyle that permeated the life of every baseball player. Spare us the excuses, A-Rod.

Are we expected to feel sorry for him? That poor, impressionable youngster was taken advantage of, and we should just give him a free pass for lying.

Sorry, but A-Rod is much more intelligent than he lets on. By the time he took steroids, he was aware of the backlash that could come about should he be caught. And he did get caught albeit in an unfair way, but now we know the truth.

So since A-Rod struggles with the truth, how are we to know how long he took them?

We may never know.

A-Rod's actions give sports a black eye that it may never recover from. Baseball gave him a career, and in turn he tarnished the game's integrity to improve his standing.

Now we get to see him plastered on Time Magazine, interviewed on 60 Minutes, and see his face everywhere it shouldn't be. But A-Rod isn't the only getting face time for all the wrong reasons.

I saw Tony Romo on E! Network. That should explain why he can't win big games. The guy is so caught up in his superstar status that he doesn't take the time to fine-tune his game. Rather than keep a low profile in the film room, Romo gets caught up in various love triangles and works on his aw-shucks persona.

Romo can keep it up as far as I'm concerned because that only hurts the Cowboys which I don't mind at all. However, Romo's behavior does nothing to help the league. Sure the tabloids love his happy-go-lucky style, but the NFL doesn't like tabloids that display one of their stars sleeping around with this generation's class of bimbos posing as musicians.

So while Romo could be working on football and settling down with a decent woman, he instead hangs out with Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood.

It's not like Romo is a winner. The guy disappears in December and chokes in the postseason. He has a long way to go to justify his fame, which means he should really do everything to avoid it until he can actually live up to it.

And yet, Romo isn't alone in his sexual exploits.

Switch back over to A-Rod who cheated on his wife, Cynthia, with pop star Madonna.

Like Romo, A-Rod's mug graced all the tabloids and gossip networks. Like Romo, A-Rod should know better.

Cheating on your wife establishes oneself as a dishonest person. A-Rod's smooth demeanor was called out by teammates as fake. He lied about steroids. He cheated on his wife. See a pattern?

A-Rod really is A-Fraud. His whole career has been completely staged and we have all been played the fool. Should we trust him at all anymore?

I have a message for each of these guys.

To A-Rod: Search deep within yourself, scrape together some testicular fortitude and come clean. Completely clean. After that, just play the game.

To Tony Romo: You are getting some nice ass, but if you want to be a winner and a leader then put aside childish things. Stay out of the public eye for a while; hone your game. Once you've actually won a meaningful game, I'll think about taking you seriously.

Both these guys are in the news for all the wrong reasons. It not only makes them look bad, it also damages the image of their respective sports. Maybe they'll finally see this and get over themselves. But I wouldn't count on it.

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