February 27, 2009

Hall Signs With Skins As Free Agency Begins

Deangelo Hall bided his time. So did the Washington Redskins.

Both of them got what they wanted.

Hall landed a six-year $54 million dollar contract with $22.5 million in guaranteed money. In return the Skins keep one of the NFL's top corners in the Burgundy and Gold.

In recent days it appeared Hall would hit the free agent market, but the Skins had moved negotiations along smoothly for the past several weeks unbeknownst to the media. Many had felt that Hall's asking price was too steep for Washington, but a glance at the deal indicates otherwise.

Resigning Hall leaves the Skins in a tight cap position because it appears that they will not be cutting either Jason Taylor or Shawn Springs. They restructured the deals of Cornelius Griffin, Antwaan Randle El, Chris Samuels, and Andre Carter to get under the cap, but they really have little room to operate through the rest of free agency. Prior to Hall's signing, they had $8.1 million in cap space.

This move rules out a possibility to go after Albert Haynesworth, which is actually a benefit given the questions surrounding his character and durability. Now the Skins will pursue some second-tier free agents who could fill some holes.

Hall's signing could very well force them to trade down their selection in the draft as well. I don't know the particulars of the deal, but it could make it difficult for the Skins to afford a player at the #13 pick in the draft.

In addition, the move could mean the end of the road for Carlos Rogers in DC.

Rogers has expressed his desire to start, and should Springs stay at corner, Rogers could find himself in the nickel spot. Trades have been mentioned regarding Rogers, so expect to hear more rumblings in the coming days.

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