February 27, 2009

Haynesworth Dons The Burgundy And Gold: Bad Move? I Think So

The Washington Redskins sure know how to live up to expectations.

Too bad I'm not buying it anymore.

The Skins inked Albert Haynesworth to a monster seven-year $100 million dollar deal. Thats right $100 million.

That puts Haynesworth in some elite company. Only QBs have really made this much before.

The Skins had less than $8.1 million in cap space after the Deangelo Hall signing, but somehow, someway they were able to squeeze Haynesworth in.

Haynesworth is a marquee name and a terrific on-field presence, but he has his question marks. In fact, I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Haynesworth has played a full slate of games just once in his career. He has trouble staying healthy, and has some serious character issues.

Haynesworth cleated Cowboys center Andre Gurode several seasons back, and has also been in trouble with the law before. Those things are serious and the Skins really need to make sure Haynesworth doesn't bring them to the table.

Haynesworth does bring some positives to the table. He probably has another 2-3 excellent seasons ahead of him, and that will raise the quality of the defensive line play in the coming years. Haynesworth will definitely help create better matchups for little speed rushers like Jason Taylor and Andre Carter. This will put in place a nice little trickle-down affect that should ease the pressure on the secondary and create some much-needed turnovers.

Overall, I'm shocked the Skins made the move. I really thought a lot of the talk concerning it was just speculation. For a team who has supposedly recommitted to the draft, I don't think this past 12 hours emphasizes that.

As for the #13 selection, the Skins will most likely have to trade it away because I don't think it will be possible to afford a selection at that pick. This means the Skins will be missing out on a potential starting right tackle. Unless they find some new way to create more cap space.

An interesting start to the new season, but not one that bodes well for the Skins in the long run. Danny Boy just never learns.

Update: Peter King reports on si.com that the Skins will still be hosting Chris Canty later this afternoon in DC. I guess we haven't seen the last of it yet. Derrick Dockery is also still available.

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