February 25, 2009


Albert Haynesworth has been rumored to be possibly heading up to DC. But it will cost the Skins big bucks.

Haynesworth is looking for what is to be rumored around 15 million dollars a year and the Skins are apparently in the market as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Haynesworth's agent denied the rumors, obviously, but to me it just makes my skin tingle.

Danny Boy is at it again.

There's no need to sign Haynesworth. He'll be 28 come the start of the season; he rarely plays a full 16 games; and his salary would make it nearly impossible for the Skins to fill other needs.

The Skins are just under the cap. To acquire Haynesworth, they would have to cut Jason Taylor and Shawn Springs. That would free up just enough space for Haynesworth. Forget about adding anything else.

Haynesworth is not worth the cash, but you know Danny is giving him a long, hard look.

There are other holes to fill and quite frankly, the Skins can fill a lot of them if they spend wisely.

Some other affordable defenders include Rocky Bernard, Bart Scott, Johnathan Vilma, and Michael Boley.

Defensive line is a concern, but there is little to remedy it affordably through free agency so the Skins could draft Michael Orakpo the DE from Texas or B.J. Raji the DT from BC.

Mike Goff and Jason Brown are both solid options along the O-line. The draft also has some great potential with Andre and Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher, and others.

So Danny, see all the other great options you could choose from? Stay away from Albert. He is too expensive.

The Skins also tendered Shaun Suisham today meaning that they can match any other offers that other teams give him. Why the Skins would want to keep Suisham is beyond me. Maybe because their only other option is Dave Rayner?

On second thought, let's not discuss our kicking situation. Onto other news.

The Bucs released Derrick Brooks, Joey Galloway, and Warrick Dunn, saving them about $13 million. Could they be making a push for Julius Peppers? Don't expect the Panthers to let him go to division rival Tampa.

If I had to bet where Peppers goes, I'd say Green Bay. The Packers need him due to their switch to the 3-4 and they are $35 million under the cap. Granted they hate giving up draft picks.

Other teams: Dallas or Tampa. The Jets might want him, but they really can't afford him.

However, the asking price for the franchised Peppers is so high that he might not be going anywhere.

Marvin Harrison has deep roots in Philly.  The Eagles are desperate to get some legitimate targets. Will they go for Marvin even though he has little left in the tank? Probably, but they also should consider TJ Houshmandzadeh who is a younger option.

Houshmandzadeh is a consistent threat who could quickly bolster most team's passing games. The market for him will be intense.

The Dolphins took LB Channing Crowder off the market, depriving free agency of a great sleeper. Crowder has always been solid and Miami was wise to resign him.

And finally it appears that the Skins will have some trouble resigning Deangelo Hall. Hall wants big money and the Skins don't want to give him what he is demanding. Considering Hall's ability to take the money and run, the Skins are being smart here. 

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