February 28, 2009

Mortensen Reveals The Real Deal

ESPN's Chris Mortensen announced that the Haynesworth deal is in essence a four-year $48 million dollar deal.

That makes things a little better to me, but the Skins will still have to pay out the nose at some point even if they cut him or restructure his deal. Just not $100 million.

Also, the Skins canceled Chris Canty's visit, meaning they actually couldn't afford someone...Maybe.

Derrick Dockery is still free and the Skins are talking to him so that certainly looks good. O-line is the top concern.

I selected Michael Oher from Ole Miss in footballburrito.com's mock draft. Check it out here.

However, the Skins might also want to look at RBs. Knowshawn Moreno, LeSean McCoy, and possibly Beanie Wells would be available at #13. Having a speed back would make things a lot easier on offense. We haven't had a breakaway threat in forever.

I really can't decide what would help the offense more: a gamebreaker or a young right tackle. If the Skins can't decide they will probably go with the best player rather than what they think they need more. That seems to be their thing the last few years.

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