February 27, 2009

PFT Announces Skins Talking With Canty

Yes sir, the Skins didn't waste any time.

Chris Canty has already spoken with the Skins according to the Sporting News via profootballtalk.com.

I'm just praying they don't overspend. There will be guys like Orakpo in the draft who wil be more versatile and give you a better pass rush.

If you are looking for a big run stuffer just resign Demetric Evans. He's much more affordable.

I like Canty and he fits, but he's not worth big bucks. I'd rather see us come up empty than overpay for Canty.

Also there's a great lower-tier free agent DE out there. Postseason standout Antonio Smith could be a steal.

Update: Adam Schefter reports that the Skins have indeed set up a visit with Canty. This really is the best time of year to be a Skins fan isn't it? Sad but true.

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