February 26, 2009

The Post Reports Canty, Haynesworth, and Hall Are The Skins Big Three

The Washington Post reports that the Washington Redskins have targeted Deangelo Hall, Albert Haynesworth, and Chris Canty as their top three free agents in this year's market.

How will the Skins be able to afford all three?

Hall is demanding $15 million guaranteed while Haynesworth wants $30 million guaranteed. Canty seems like a cheaper player, but his agent said Canty is looking for $18 million guaranteed. Not worth it for a guy who had two sacks last year.

Canty would definitely be an upgrade. He can stop the run and take up space. If Jason Taylor moves to LB, then Canty could definitely create pass rushing room for Taylor. But I just don't think Canty is worth the money.

I've already stated that Haynesworth is not worth the money. He's not even an everydown player. He's older and injury prone. He'd have to play out of his mind to command such a huge deal in DC. But it appears that we are going for him anyway.

Hall will be needed, but his asking price is really to high. He's not a top 5 corner so why pay him top 5 money?

The Skins have restructured the contracts of Chris Samuels, Andre Carter, ARE, and Cornelius Griffin. Taylor's could be redone, and Shawn Springs will most likely get cut.

I just don't get it. With guys like Jason Brown out there, the Skins are trying to drop big bucks on guys who just aren't worth the money. There is no premiere free agent this year. None of the big names are worth the asking price.

But Danny Boy takes a backseat to no one.

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