February 9, 2009

Pro Bowling

So the only way I could enjoy this game is if I could cover it live in Hawaii. Other than that why would I want to see a pickup football game played by a bunch of guys that I can see next fall playing for real?

So I won't lie, I didn't watch the game. I have never watched the game. And I probably never will even though the game is being transferred to a week before the Super Bowl next year.

That's right the Pro Bowl will be in Miami next year, a week before the Big Game. Which means that anyone selected from next year's Super Bowl teams will obviously not be playing. The move is an attempt to "raise the profile" of the game.

Actually it's a good idea. After the Super Bowl, fans are ready to pack it in or start looking at the draft. The week before the Super Bowl is usually one of long agony, waiting for the Big Game, trying to get past Media Day. So this could actually whet fans' appetites.

Still it is a meaningless game so it's not like the NFL will see a drastic spike in its TV audience for the game.

Oh yeah what happened in the game you ask?

The NFC won 30-21 over the AFC led by Larry Fitz (who else?) with five catches for 81 yards and two TDs. My question is: when will Larry next have a bad game? Ever?

CP saw some limited action (5 carries for 18 yards, 2 catches for 8 yards), and so did Mike Sellers (1 carry for 1 yard, one catch for 7 yards). Good to the Skins get out there and represent.

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