February 28, 2009

Skins Ink Dockery

They finally did it! The move I've been waiting for. The move I've been praying for.

We needed an upgrade along the O-line particularly within the interior of the line.

The Bills cut Derrick Dockery, a former standout guard in DC.

The Skins resigned him according to NFL Network reporter Adam Schefter

Dockery is big and only 28. He knows the system here in DC and was arguably the best lineman we had before he left. This could very well be the biggest free agent signing the Skins make this offseason. Screw Haynesworth and Hall, this is the big kahuna.

The deal is actually about half of what Dockery left the Skins for and so it appears the Skins finally might have made a wise decision and not overpaid for a player.

Dockery was released because the Bills couldn't afford him. He also didn't fit with their new blocking system well enough. These two factors played heavily into his release, but it had little to do with a drop off in talent.

Good to see Derrick back. This undoubtedly means we have seen the last of Pete Kendall who is a free agent.

This also adds to draft speculation. Can the Skins afford the #13 selection? It really seems unlikely, but then again they always magically create extra space.

Should they fail to have the cap room, the Skins could trade down in the draft and still end up with a solid interior lineman like Alex Wood or Duke Robinson. If they stay in the first round, Michael Oher or Andre Smith could fall to them. Either one could make a great right tackle.

Even though I remain skeptical, I can't help but be a little excited. Haynesworth is an upgrade (despite my negativity towards the signing) and resigning Hall keeps the secondary intact. Now with Dockery, I feel we addressed a major need. Now do we want a running back or some more lineman?

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