February 7, 2009

Skins Make A Few Moves

The Skins brought in two players this week both of which might not even be on the roster come training camp. But hey we still have to keep up with this...I guess.

Shaun Suisham is getting a little competition with the signing of Dave Rayner. Rayner's last full season was in 2006 for Green Bay. He was cut in 2007 after the Packers drafted Mason Crosby.

Rayner went 26-35 in 2006 and saw limited action in both the 2007 and 2008 with several teams.

Rayner has a strong leg, but struggles with consistency on short kicks. Given that Suisham struggles to make anything, ever, Rayner might make his way onto the roster. I feel that there will be a new face at kicker by the time the season begins, but odds are we don't have the guy yet.

The Skins also inked CFL star special-teamer Dominique Dorsey. Dorsey played kick returner up north for the Toronto somethings and stands at just 5-7, 170 pounds. I can only see him returning punts if he makes the team, but if he shows a burst, the Skins could sneak him into certain formations and utilize him on gimmick plays.

I don't understand as to why the Skins think returner is an issue. Rock Cartwright is consistent and reliable. He isn't a threat to score, but you know he'll hang onto the ball and get it out to the 30 consistently. In addition, there were several times he delivered when the Skins needed big returns late in games.

Punt returner could be fixed from within. Antwaan is abysmal at football in general, but there are several other options. Playing Santana Moss at returner would be risky, but you would be rewarded with some big plays. Justin Tryon is a shifty player who could find his niche at returner while James Thrash has experience returning kicks.

Overall, Dorsey probably won't be worth a roster spot and I don't see him making it to July. But you just never know.

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