February 27, 2009

Springs Cut

The Skins created some space by cutting CB Shawn Springs a few hours ago according to profootballweekly.com.

Springs' injury history and the resigning of Deangelo Hall enabled the Skins to part ways with him.

This means the Skins should be able to make Carlos Rogers happy as he will be the second starting corner now that Springs is gone.

So the Skins have upgraded their defense quite a bit. They solidified the secondary and improved the D-line. Though I'm a skeptic they are definitely fixing some holes.

Anyways, I always liked Shawn and the attitude he gave in DC. I'll miss him and I wish him well. But it was definitely time to end it.

He was actually a good free agent signing come to think of it.

He is rumored to be looking at New England as a new home. Yet another move to back up my point that New England thrives on mummified remains of players.

Also Bart Scott landed in New York to play play for the Jets. Ray Lewis and Corey Ivy may be next to fly the coop in Baltimore.

Update: Profootballweekly.com also announced the Skins are talking to Derrick Dockery and Chris Canty. Where do they get all this cap space??? Now I'm curious to see what they do with the #13 pick.

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