March 5, 2009

The NFL's Forbidden Fruit: What TO Has Brought To The Table Throughout His Career

Terrell no longer has $25 million reasons to be alive. But don't expect another overdose.

TO was cut earlier today by the Cowboys, ending a very Twilight-Zonesque three seasons. Now TO will certainly bring everything to the table for his new team because, that's what TO does when feels the need to impress.

Honestly, he was unstoppable with Donovan in 2004 since then he's been good but not great. Now he has a lot to prove to get another big payday. He old and still very problematic. Expect him to be on his best behavior for the next year.

TO's time in the Big D was intriguing to say the least. He was downright bipolar. One week he'd bash everything, the next he'd weep at the feet of Tony Romo.

He clashed with Bill Parcells playing a big part of the Tuna's downfall in Dallas. Imagine the heartburn he gave Parcells. His infamous TO training bike in camp, and of course the fateful night where he overdosed on some pills. Maybe he wanted to kill himself and maybe he didn't. Who knows because it's impossible to get inside the mind of TO.

For some reason teams find a way to put up with him for a few years because he's that good. However, I ask if the ultimate goal is to win the Big Game, why bring in TO?

TO has never won the big one. He came close a couple times, but that's it. More often than not he ends up hurting the team with his constant bitching which puts a rift in the locker room. Remember his fight with Hugh Douglas?

TO makes your team better in a way, but in the long run there will be a fallout. With the way football is, taking a chance on TO really isn't worth it. The odds of getting there with a happy TO are slim.

Even though TO wants to win, winning is not his first priority. His first priority is TO (that sounds like a direct quote). And we all know when you put yourself before the team, things can get sticky. Hell, TO's career is a testament to that.

TO's is the NFL's forbidden fruit. Very desirable and great to look at on the highlight reels, but once you take a bite and see the press conferences with TO yelling, crying, and complaining, you begin to realize that taking that bite might not have been such a good idea.

So let the bidding begin for TO's services begin. Many teams probably don't know what they are getting into since TO looks so good on the outside. Oh they are in for a treat.

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