March 24, 2009

Skins Add A Fifth Draft Pick To Their Stockpile

The Skins were awarded a seventh round compensatory draft selection by the NFL today, adding a fifth pick into the mix for this year's draft.

I expect the Skins to trade it away for a couple of barbells and JP Losman, but you never know they might actually bite the bullet and...God forbid...USE it!!!

As the draft approaches I can't help but feel that Washington will not be picking in the first round. I doubt they could afford it and they have several holes at OLB, DE, Tackle, and depth along the interior O-line.  With just five picks, don't expect them to cover all those bases.

So maybe the Skins will trade down like last year to acquire more players at a cheaper price. Or maybe they'll trade for Jay Cutler. Those rumors just won't completely go away.

I really think Cutler would be a tremendous upgrade over JC, but if we have to give up big players (I heard Chris Cooley and Laron Landry rumored to be on the block earlier this week) then I don't like it.

JC doesn't seem like the guy we thought he'd be, but you want to make sure you get the right replacement. Cutler seems the most viable, but his cost might be too high.

In the draft no one stands out as a franchise QB, and so the Skins would be foolish to ignore needs just to get a subpar QB. Redskins Insider give a look at picking a QB with No. 13.

Hey, if worse comes to worse Mike Vick will be available shortly. Just wait for the end of his prison sentence.

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