March 2, 2009

Taylor Cut

What the hell? We bring in Haynesworth because it will help our DEs and their outside rush.

Then we cut our best pass rusher.

I know Jason Taylor busted his first year in DC, but I don't think he's washed up. And he's better than Demetric Evans. Or Andre Carter Or Phillip Daniels.

This move is a bad one.

I know he costs a bunch against the cap. I know I was against that in regards to the Haynesworth signing. But if you bring in a stud like Haynesworth, Taylor will have a field day. Or would have had one.

This also clouds the LB situation. I feel HB Blades is a liability at OLB. He didn't look fast enough there last year. Taylor would have been a more athletic fit at OLB in passing situations. So we took away some versatility too.

Andre Carter is the key now. Will he play some OLB (his more natural position in my opinion)? Or will he continue to provide zero pressure from DE?

Taylor was so key to me for this upcoming year. The Skins are going to wish they had him before the year is up.

Where are we going to get pass rush? Haynesworth isn't meant to be the sole rushing source. He needs help. Only Carter has shown he can get to the QB (albeit inconsistently).

Maybe the draft will be an option, but the Skins went for it all in free agency and now took a step back with this move. It doesn't make sense to me. The team gave up a lot for Taylor and this move ensures they get nothing in return.

Typical move by Danny Boy. He's already in cap hell and he just created another hole that at some point we'll have to fill.

Please comment on this because maybe I had too much faith in Taylor and he really is washed up. But I think this is a big mistake.

Here's a rundown of why Taylor was cut from Clark Judge of CBS Sportsline. It was the best reasoning I could find.

Truthfully, I think the Skins should have let him take the time off. But maybe considering the disappointment Taylor has been, he should have respected the team's wishes. Either way I'm upset to see him leave.

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