April 24, 2009

Campbell Will Request Trade Should Skins Draft Sanchez

NFL.com has the story. It appears Jason Campbell will rightfully throw in the towel should the Skins spurn him in favor of USC draftee Mark Sanchez.

I can't believe the 'Skins are considering this with all the talents that could be coming their way. Michael Crabtree could be taking a fall while Brian Orakpo's status isn't set in stone either. Either one would be better that Sanchez.

Still with four or five top notch offensive tackles out there, I can't help but think the Skins should roll with whichever falls to them. Right tackle is the biggest need with DE coming in at a close second.

The draft is about 36 hours away and that all bets are off (with the exception of Matthew Stafford going at number one, or so it appears). We'll see what Danny Boy and his brain trust (or lack thereof) can pull off.

Stay tuned.

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