April 1, 2009

Jason Campbell: On His Way Out As Redskins' QB?

When the Washington Redskins drafted Jason Campbell they were hoping they might have finally found the answer to a decades-long search for a top-notch signal caller.

As time goes on it seems more and more unlikely that Campbell is the man in DC.

Campbell is entering into the final year of his contract, and Skins have not even begun to approach him about a new contract. In fact, they have worked out draft prospect Mark Sanchez and are linked to soon-to-be-ex-Bronco, Jay Cutler.

And there's no reason for the Skins to not do either of those things. Campbell has been mediocre throughout his time in Washington. On the field he hasn't produced wins. He's overly cautious, resulting in stagnant offensive performances week in and week out. The fire that a great QB needs just isn't there.

Campbell is a likable guy. He definitely puts in a solid effort, but it clearly isn't getting him ahead. Gone are his glory days in Auburn. He can't hang his hat on them any longer.

Campbell has potential, but it's time we see that potential bloom into solid play. Campbell's performance really didn't improve all that drastically from 2007 to 2008. The team and fans are impatient. We haven't seen a great offense in years. I can't remember the last time I saw consistent performance at a high level by the Redskins' offense.

So Campbell has one more year to prove he can bring this team to the promised land. They have yet to make during Campbell's tenure as a starter. The team made the play-offs in 2007 only because Todd Collins bailed them out with a late season run. Campbell missed the run with an injury.

So Campbell is definitely in the hotseat, and the question is. Is he already the odd man out as we approach the 2009 season? Or does he have another year to win a new contract?

Of course the rumors swirling around Cutler and Sanchez are mostly speculation. The Skins might very well stick with Campbell, giving him a final shot to earn a new deal. But there's no doubt Vinny Cerrato is looking for a future at QB.

Sanchez has his question marks, but he comes from a big time program at USC. He knows how to handle himself in the spotlight. However, I 'm not convinced he will be a winner in the pros.

Cutler is really the best bet if Cerrato feels he has to pull the trigger this offseason. He possesses a big arm and would take the chances that Campbell just won't take. For a Redskin offense that considers it risky throwing on first and second down, Cutler would be a welcome change.

Cutler has guaranteed himself a ticket out of Denver, but several teams are interested in him. Cerrato denied interest, but combine the rumors with the Sanchez workout and things start to add up.

Best believe Cerrato is searching for the next starter in DC. Maybe he won't come until 2010, but odds are, if Cerrato finds what he's looking for, there will be a new face in the QB shuffle at Redskins Park.


Anonymous said...

Jason Campbell is certainly a nice enough person, but as a starter in the NFL, not much. He short arms too many passes, throws too many bullets on short passes and can not throw a ball up and over the defense on the long ball, no touch. He telegraphs his intentions at the line and resists scrambling when things break down even when the defense would be giving up good yards. Did I leave anything out?

Jack said...

Haha...not much. Oh he holds onto the ball for too long. Cutler is an instant upgrade. Hopefully we will land him. I'm thinking we will actually.