April 14, 2009

RIP Harry Kalas: The Voice

"And Snafu turned into serendipity"

Harry Kalas, voice of NFL Films and the Philadelphia Phillies, passed away in DC today right before he was preparing to call The Nats-Phillies afternoon ball game.

That quote is from Kalas' narration of the Green Bay Packers '96 Super Bowl season, and my favorite line from any NFL Films presentation.

Kalas' voice was steady and true. He painted an amazing picture of each and every game. NFL Films wouldn't be the same without him describing each big moment with such a meticulous air.

As Sam Spence's "The Equalizer" thumped in the background, Kalas would take us on a pilgrimage through football's hallowed moments. Nothing was left unturned with Kalas calling the shots.

Kalas' voice along with the legendary team of Madden and Summerall was football for me growing up. Without these three voices, the NFL doesn't mean as much to me.

We lost one of those voices yesterday. RIP Harry.

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