April 15, 2009

'Skins Draw Three Prime Time Games All Vs. NFC East Rivals

Well the NFL certainly listened to my appeal. They threw three division games on prime time for the Skins.

But of course the Cowboys don't open the Jones Dome against them. Dallas drew the Giants in week two for Sunday Night Football.

So I guess they sort of listened. It was a divisional game as expected, but wrong team.

Lame is the word that comes to mind. To me that would have been the game of the year for a lot of people. It's early in the year so neither team has proven that they suck yet (which could very well happen down the stretch) and it's the Skins and Cowboys. How much more epic does it need to be???

Roger Goodell clearly forgot to check in for his daily Skins Talk visit.

Anyway, the schedule is out and we have some great match-ups.

New York and Philly visit on Monday nights while Dallas flies over for a Sunday nighter. We also take trips to the West Coast to play San Diego and Oakland.

The bye is again a little too late for my liking in week eight, but it's not as nightmarish as last year when we played five preseason games and didn't get a bye until week 10. That really did us in.

One of the sleeper games I think will be interesting is week 10 vs. Denver at home. We never ever seem to play Denver. I remember some of the games against other AFC West teams like San Diego and Kansas City, but very little against the Broncos. Also it's a what-could-have-been game. Kyle Orton vs. Jason Campbell.

Campbell might have gone to Denver in a trade for Jay Cutler last week, but instead he plays them as a Redskin. He'll face-off against Orton who was the deciding factor in the Broncos' decision to move Cutler to Chi-Town rather than DC.

The Broncos felt Orton was better than JC so they traded with the Bears. We'll see how JC plays in light of this. I know he'll brush it all off, but let's hope it lights a fire.

As I browsed over the schedule, I kind of got the feeling the Skins could win 10 or 11 of the games, but then I realized that I think this every year.

On paper the schedule doesn't seem too tough, but you have to factor in the swings that teams undergo from one year to the next. Kansas City may look like a W now, but what about in week six when Shaun Suisham (God forbid) lines up for a game winner with the Skins down two in the fourth quarter?

The fact is Kansas City and other teams will most likely improve and the Skins always struggle to beat the underdogs convincingly anyway. They play the majority of their games within a 10 point margin, meaning the outcome could go either way.

So I had to check my fanhood and chalk up yet another 8-8 season. I certainly hope not, but there's a good chance.

Here's the full schedule.

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