April 23, 2009

Skins Under the Cap By Over $5 Million?

Pro Football Talk says so. Here's the list for each team's cap room.

The Ravens have the least amount of cap room with under a million. How's it's not Washington I'll never know. I know we backload all our contracts and restructure them, but still we have to have around 8-10 players making close to eight million a year. Not to mention the ex-Redskins we're still paying.

Somehow, we have about $6 million in cap room. Now if we could just spend it wisely...

But that probably won't happen. Mark Sanchez anyone? I sure hope not.

Michael Oher is still the guy I want, but hey, if we could fill the OLB or DE need, that's fine with me too. I like Clay Matthews, Cushing, and Orakpo. I'd love to see Orakpo fall to us, but it's not likely.

Overall, my main plea to Danny boy: Do not mortgage away our future by trading up. It will kill our cap and leave us with even fewer draft picks (ergo more holes and less depth).

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