April 14, 2009

Will The Cowboys Open Their New Stadium Against The Skins On Prime Time? I Sure Hope So

The NFL schedule is coming out tomorrow. The Cowboys already have a prime time slot on MNF locked up when they open their new stadium. If the NFL is smart, they'll slate the Skins to be the first visitors to the new (but not necessarily improved) Jones Dome.

I don't know what they are calling it and I don't care. So we'll call it the Jones Dome.

But back to the point at hand. How could Roger Goodell make it any different?

He would be dumber than a box of rocks should he schedule it any differently. After all even a box of rocks knows that Skins have to visit the Cowboys in Dallas' home opener. It would stoke up a deeper rivalry and draw a huge audience.

The Skins have a huge following in a highly populated area while the Cowboys are the Brangelina of sports paparazzi. The ratings would be through the roof.

Plus, to give us a shot at deflating the honeymoon in Big D? As Mastercard commercials can attest to: Priceless.

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