July 31, 2009

Orakpo Signs With The Redskins After Missing First Day Of Camp

The deal had to get done.

Brian Orakpo was signed Thursday evening, missing just a day of training camp before inking his deal with the team.

Terms of the deal are not yet disclosed.

This might very well end up being the most important move in training camp. Orakpo is expected to move from defensive end, the position he played in college, to the SAM linebacker.

The transition requires Orakpo attend training camp and familiarize himself with both his new position and the pro game.

A lengthy holdout would have hurt his ability to quickly make himself an impact player, and would have put his availability for the 2009 season in question. Now those concerns are history.

Orakpo showed some maturity signing his deal before many of the other first round picks above and below him. It's rare for a player to do that since he risks leaving money on the table, but Orakpo proved he wants to play football and play it well.

The Redskins certainly need him to be up to speed in time for the regular season. They don't have another player with Orakpo's skills at the SAM LB position so it was key to get him in camp.

At Redskins Park, the team kicked off the 2009 season with their first set of two-a-days. No injuries thus far which is the big news and things seem to be in much better order as Jim Zorn begins year two.

I'll be at Redskins Park for camp today...In fact in just 6 hours!

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