July 31, 2009

Redskins’ Training Camp Quick Hits: Offense

I was able to attend the second day of Redskins training camp this morning, and came away excited with what I saw.

The WRs played like they had something to prove. They were by far the most impressive group of the day.

Santana Moss was his usual self. He showcased his speed and made some good catches over the middle.

Antwaan Randle El drew rave reviews from local radio shows and he certainly played well. He was running routes suited to a slot receiver, and with Devin Thomas taking reps with the first team across from Moss, it seems that the coaching staff is hoping to move Randle El to the slot where he belongs.

Thomas showed a much better grasp of the offense and, as aforementioned, he took reps with the first team. He went up for the ball with authority and made some tough catches in traffic. His route running was also was much improved.

Thomas’ counterpart, Malcolm Kelly, began the practice well, but dropped a few passes towards the end of it. Kelly has the build of red zone target and he went up strong for the ball today. He could end up being the possession receiver the ‘Skins need. He caught a beautiful deep ball and looked good coming out his breaks.

Marques Hagans had another solid day and is also reportedly competing as a returner. Marko Mitchell flashed some impressive speed and showed reliable hands.

The lone disappointment was Roydell Williams. Williams seemed a step slow and was out-of-sync with the QBs. He couldn’t catch up to three deep balls and it doesn’t look like he’ll make it considering the talent in front of him.

I kept a close eye on Anthony Alridge and though he didn’t stand out, I could see his speed and quickness. He is a shifty back with good ball skills. I really think we could use the speed.

Mike Sellers was the best of the backs today. He caught a deep pass in single coverage and snagged nearly everything thrown his way.

As for the QBs, Jason Campbell was so-so. He missed on a number of sideline routes and deep passes, but excelled in the intermediate routes across the middle.

Colt Brennan has definitely cleaned up his release. He didn’t light it up, but he has definitely distanced himself from both Todd Collins and Chase Daniel in the race for he #2 QB spot.

Stephon Heyer has an early advantage at RT.

However the offensive player of the day was Fred Davis who looks like a man on a mission.

Davis appeared faster, trim, and ready to play. He caught around ten passes, running each one out at a full sprint. He didn’t drop a single pass and ran a variety of routes both from the TE and WR position.

Chris Cooley also lined up out wide opposite Davis and Campbell delivered a TE screen to Davis on the play.

Overall, the offense has more speed, which is essential. Alridge and Mitchell both need to be impressive so their speed can remain on the team. Also, it seems as if the three draft picks from last year may develop after all.

Kelly has the ideal frame to line up outside, but Thomas has more experience and also looked very comfortable with the first team. However, Kelly and Davis will both see the field this year as far as I’m concerned.


Robby said...

"He caught a beautiful deep ball"

This is the 2nd time I've read this (first time mentioned the deep ball was for a TD), but neither you or the other blogger gave credit to the QB who threw the pass.

If I had to guess, based on "beautiful deep ball", it probably was Brennan.

Jack said...

I actually didn't see who threw it to him because it happened on the other end of the field while I was watching other drills.

I saw him haul it in but didn't catch the QB. But I would agree that it was probably Brennan. Campbell again showed very little touch on his deep ball.