July 12, 2009

'Skins Quick Hits

This is a year old, but Cold Hard Football Facts put out a list of the best NFL Franchises. I was pleased to see the Redskins in the the top ten.

Check out some of their other lists and rankings as well. It's one hell of an informative site.

Drew Rosenhaus just added Fred Davis to his stable of clients according to Mike Florio. That makes it nine Redskins with Rosenhaus.

I should hate Rosenhaus and I do when it come down to his style. He plays hardball and makes life miserable for everybody, but he is one of the best interviews on the block. Very straightforward and upfront, which is nice when most interviews are the same tired quotes over and over.

Here's your Tom Brady fix for the day. Rather strange story.

One of the more underdeveloped stories of the offseason is the coaching turnover in Indy. Will this change the Colt's approach? Im curious to see what Indy does differently this year.

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