July 28, 2009

Vick Rumors All Around

Mike Vick was hanging around NOVA today, leading to more rumors of a Vick-to-'Skins transaction.

Personally, I find it intriguing.

It would be a long-term move

Vick is slated to be up for full reinstatement by week six, meaning he can only practce with the team who signs up to that point. So the Skins can throw out any plans of using Vick in 2009 unless Jason Campbell stinks it up.

Even if Campbell plays well it's my belief he'll be gone due to the fact he isn't a happy camper in DC.

If that holds true the 'Skins would be wise to take a shot at Vick because starting Colt Brennan would be a huge risk.

Vick takes a lot of flack, but he is a decent QB. He isn't the best passer, but he still can win football games with his athleticism.

If he can mature as a passer (and person) it might not look like such a foolish idea come 2010. I just pray we don't overpay for him.

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