August 1, 2009

Defensive Notes From Redskins’ Training Camp

Albert Haynesworth didn’t disappoint in his second day of camp as he disrupted several plays in the backfield. Jim Zorn noted his impact and it seems as if Haynesworth is here to play rather than sit back and collect his check.

Andre Carter burst around the edge once on Chris Samuels, but stayed quiet for the most part.

Robert Henson played very well in coverage in both individual drills and the 11-on-11s. He intercepted a pass Chris Cooley bobbled and made several other fine defensive stops. If the ‘Skins can get one of the draftees at LB on the field early, things will be looking good depth-wise.

Laron Landry was quiet, but there was talk from the media on how Greg Blache should consider moving him up closer to the box given the improved pass rush. Landry played off as much as 30 yards from the ball last year, but the addition of Haynesworth should allow him to be more of a ballhawk this year.

Reed Doughty struggled in coverage. The guy works his tail off, but he is coming off a back injury and lacks the athleticism to cover receivers. However, he fits the SS position well because Blache often uses that position as an extra man in the box. Doughty should backup Chris Horton.

Carlos Rogers continues to impress against the pass. He came away with a nice pick today along the sideline while Deangelo Hall made a big hit over the middle on another play.

London Fletcher lost a step on a Clinton Portis corner route in the individual drills, and still managed to recover and break up the pass. He has great determination and speed. He’ll only get better with Haynesworth taking up the extra blocker in front.

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