August 7, 2009

Hammy Issues

If you have followed the Skins much the past year you'll have noticed a disturbing trend.

WR's hamstrings cannot stay healthy.

Devin Thomas spent his rookie camp watching from the sidelines nursing an injured hammy. He then proceeded to struggle with it for the entire season.

This offseason, Thomas appeared to be ready as he showed a good grasp of the offense and some improved route running up through this week.

Then disaster struck earlier this week as Thomas reinjured his hamstring during a rainy practice.

Santana Moss also tweaked his hamstring, something he hasn't been a stranger to in the past three seasons or so.

Hamstring injuries can hamper a WR's entire season even though they might suit up and play.

Moss can attest to this as his production drastically dropped last year after his injury in the Detroit game. His '07 campaign was also marred from recurring hamstring issues.

Im no trainer, but all I can say is that these guys might be able to avoid this problem by hitting the weight room to work on those hammies.

The hamstring is connected to the quadriceps. If the quad gets too strong it can pull too heavily on the hamstring. Muscle imbalance between the quad and hamstring can lead to a pulled hamstring.

So these guys may not be putting in the right techniques in the weight room. Then again another reason can from lack of stretching.

Either way, pulled hamstrings can be avoided. And quite frankly I'd like to see some healthy receivers this year.

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